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About us

NordicSnackCo is a Danish food company which was established in 2020 and which produces snack products in Hobro (Fyrkat).

Our brand DK Snack consists of old-fashioned pork snack, popped pork snack, bacon snacks, salt spirals, popcorn, salt sticks, rye bread snack, protein snack and more delicious snacks.
We continuously develop our products with delicious new flavours.

We are proud that our pork snack was test winner in Politiken in 2021.

NordicSnackCo values


We conduct business in a responsible and increasingly sustainable way.
We work daily to save natural resources and reduce the impact on the climate.
NordicSnackCo is a socially responsible company.
We are proud of our skilled employees, who give their best every day.

Honest and trustworthy company

We care about having a good and open dialogue with our employees, as well as customers and suppliers.

Development and learning

We emphasize that our employees thrive and that together we set some common goals for their daily work and personal development.
We offer courses according to need and desire.

DK Snack viking

The Viking is our symbol that our snack is produced at Fyrkat and all our snacks are pure Viking Guf! Crunchy and crispy, full of flavor and power.